Don’t lose yourself in a TS Dating Relationship

No matter in a transgender dating relationship or in any other dating relationships, people’s lifestyle, thoughts and values will change gradually because they must try to be compatible with their dates. To make a balance between you and your tranny date, you indeed need to change a part of you to make you suitable for this gay dating relationship. However, you cannot lose yourself and change yourself totally to cater for your date’s interest and goals. Otherwise, you will lose your charm gradually and it will hinder you to thrive. To make this kinky dating relationship become the nutrition that assists you to become stronger and better, you cannot abandon your unique features.

1.Focus on yourself, rather than your date

In a transgender dating relationship, you should put yourself first, not too concerned about your partner's needs, not to cater to his needs, and let yourself do something against your wishes. You don't have to pretend to be busy to show that you don't care about him. You just need to be busy doing what you want to do and what you can do to improve yourself. Make your life work the way you want it to, and pay attention to your needs. Your life is not just about your partner. You have friends and family, work and career plans, etc. You have to have your own life. Your partner is only part of your life. If your life revolves around your partner and you don't have a life of your own, he will gradually take your kindness for granted.

2.Don’t forget your plans and wishes

If you want to take the initiative in a lgbt dating relationship and not let your partner ignore you, then you should take the initiative to make some plans for you. For example, you can arrange a trip with your partner, go to the movies he likes with your partner, and any other plans that you think are interesting to both of you. Most women are accustomed to men making all the arrangements. It's a way to show him that you are self-sufficient and able to organize activities. You really want him to join you. The most important thing is to show him that if he can't go, it's okay. You'll join your friends. All in all, one of the messages you want to convey to him is that you can have a good time without him. This will make your partner feel that you are an independent person, and then will cherish you more.

3.Arouse his jealousy

Man is a possessive creature. When they find that their own things are about to be seized by others, they will try to defend their own things. If you keep giving your partner a feeling that you will never leave him, he will never value your existence until he is finally threatened that you will be robbed. So make sure your man sees you talking to other people, and don't pay attention to anything except the one you're talking to.