How to be honest with trans women about your dating intentions?

Why are you find shemale dating partners online? What's your dating intentions? People who want to find trans women for dating should be clear about these questions. Another questions of trans dating is that how to be honest with trans women about your dating intentions? Because not everyone dating transgender women for long term relationships. Many people just looking for a hookup partner or experience something different and exciting online. If you are always wondering how to tell your dating intention to your trans dating partner, you can do as the following steps.

Step 1: Clear about what do you want

This is the foundation of the whole process. Asking yourself what do you want from transgender dating. People's dating intentions are different from one to another, you can easily find someone with the same dating intention online. However, you should clear about your dating intention before meet someone online. How to decide your dating intention? Just follow your heart. Some people are dating transgender women for fun, but after several times of dating, they are in a love relationship. There are also some people dating for long term relationship, but it seems they are not lucky enough to meet the right one.

Step 2: Tell her your dating intention

No matter what are you dating for, make sure your partner is clear about your ts dating intention. Dating is an activity of two sides, mutual understanding is the basis of your dating, and dating intention is always at the first place. Tell her what are you dating for before meeting each other. By this way you don't have to waste your time on the wrong person. You should also know about her dating intention, because only when you have the same intention with your partner, can you dating in a comfortable way.

Step 3: Don't be afraid of being rejected

You may be rejected by other people once they know your dating intention, it doesn't matter. Don't be afraid of being rejected until meet the right one. Comparing with being rejected, dating someone who has the different dating intention with you is unacceptable. Before ask a trans woman out for dating, make sure she has the same dating intention with you, otherwise, your first dating might be the last dating with her. You can read their profiles online to know about their dating intentions, some people choose to write their dating intentions in their profiles clearly.

Step 4: Be honest about your dating intention

Let's just image, you meet an attractive trans woman online, after several days of communication you decide to ask her out for dating. As I've mentioned before, you ask about her dating intention before dating, you know that she is looking for a long term relationship, while you just want to date for hookup, what will you do at this moment? Will you be honest and telling the truth? My suggestion is telling the truth and show your sincerity. "I'm looking for hookup online, however, it there any chance to me to ask you out for dating? I'll try my best to have a build a long term relationship with you, if not, friendship is also acceptable, because I don't want to miss the opportunity to meet you."